PSD chief Geoana: PSD staying in the ruling coalition depends a lot on the partnership between PD-L and Basescu

Chief of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), in the ruling coalition, Mircea Geoana, on Thursday called on the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), PSD’s partners in the ruling coalition, to renounce what he called their partnership with President Traian Basescu, because, he said, PSD staying in the ruling coalition depends a lot on this aspect.

He also called on the other parliamentary and extra-parliamentary parties to join PSD in contributing toward a prosperous Romania in order to build up a partnership for Romania ‘and not for Traian Basescu.’

The stakes of this November’s presidential election and ‘a future without Traian Basescu’ were, according to Geoana among the main themes of a meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee held at Calimanesti, Arges County.

‘I intend to be a president for the entire Romania, for all Romanians, who will bring back normalcy and hope in this country. And I am calling on all the parties, first of all on the Democratic- Liberal Party (PD-L), our partner in governing, to build a partnership for Romania and not for Traian Basescu.

Our staying in the ruling coalition depends to a very much extent on the way in which they approach their relationship with our party, and particularly on PD-L breaking free from Basescu. Traian Basescu’s leave will be good news for PD-L,’ said Geoana.

PSD chief’s message to the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) is let us find together economic recovery formulas, while to the opposition Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) he said that the future of the Hungarian community depends on the future of Romanians overall.

Geoana said he believes that the extra-parliamentary Greater Romania Party (PRM) and other such parties can and should contribute to what he called the construction of a new and prosperous Romania.

‘We are finding ourselves in a situation in which political scandal and the attacks against the state of law have led to serious negative economic and social effects.

The time has come for all Romanians to understand, irrespective of whether or not they are disappointed in politics, that we cannot expect a strong economy and a strong state when the head of state himself is generating tension and scandal and the ensuing result is paralysis and drifting away from the rules of a state of law,’ said Geoana.

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