Romanian-Belgian investment worth 750 million euros in biggest logistic park in Eastern Europe

Belgian company Alinso Group and Romanian businessman Petrica Usurelu, founder and president of Piritex Group Romania, announced on Thursday, at a press conference, the investment partnership with a view to the launch, as of Sept, of the logistic park Ploiesti West Park, southern Romania.

The total estimated value of the erected buildings and of the infrastructure works within the park amount to over 750 million euros.

The location covers 220 ha, being the biggest in Eastern Europe, and it will boost the creation of some 16,000 jobs, said Petrica Usurelu, who holds 20 percent of the project.

Conceived as an integrated industrial park, Ploiesti West Park will focus its activity on logistics, research and development, on retail as well as on industrial activities and on oil industrial activities.

The new logistics park addresses the European Distribution Centers as well as distribution activities for the big urban centers of Bucharest and Ploiesti. The park lies on the route of the future Bucharest-Budapest motorway, and will be connected in the future to a railway terminal, said Usurelu.

„In the past few years, Alinso Group has been interested in the development of Eastern Europe and has analyzed a few regions, with the purpose of creating an important business park.

We have chosen, in the end, Romania, a country benefiting from natural resources, motivated people and with a solid education, with an ideal location for serving the market of Eastern Europe and not only it.

The Prahova-Ploiesti region benefits from oil refineries, from a renowned engineering refinery, and generally from very diversified economic activities.

Moreover, Ploiesti is very close to Bucharest capital city, and the business Ploiesti West Park has excellent access routes,” said Ivan Lokere, CEO Alinso Group.

The building works started, as a matter of fact in May, and the first hall, covering 40,000 sq m, will be finalized this October.

The development cost of the first stage represents a quarter of the total investment and will include, along with the industrial buildings, spaces for the light industry and office areas, Lokere added.

He mentioned that the funds of this first stage are coming from the two partners, and in the course of time, other financial partners will be attracted.
Ploiesti West Park will be composed of two major areas.

Along with a business park for logistic activities, first, to which restaurants, hotels, offices and a research park are added, there will be a retail area, combining the shopping opportunities with the relaxation ones.

The building of Ploiesti West Park project will last for some six or seven years, function of the local and international economic conditions, said Petrica Usurelu.

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