Romanian MEP Stolojan campaigning for excluding tax-heaven-registered companies

Romanian MEP Teodor Stolojan, of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PD-L), in the ruling coalition, told the participants in the PD-L summer school at Costinesti on Thursday that he will submit to the European Commission a request to ban from the European Union the companies registered in tax heavens, which are thus evading rates and taxes.

‘If you ask me, my solution is a radical one, namely to ban the tax heavens. If the European Union, the US, China, India and Brazil no longer accept on their soil the dealings of companies registered in Palo Palo or I do not know where things will get better.

Unfortunately, nobody has an interest in putting a halt to this situation, which is becoming shameful. At least I will always raise this issue at the European Commission because accepting this situation will be shameful,’ said Stolojan.

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