Traian Basescu and Andreas von Mettenheim talk about car industry

President Traian Basescu welcomed Germany’s ambassador- designate Andreas von Mettenheim at Cotroceni Palace (presidential hqs), on Wednesday, the meeting marking the official beginning of the latter’s mission in Romania.

On this special occasion, they emphasized the importance of the tie between the German and the Romanian car industries, Presidential Administration release informs.

‘The talks with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany emphasized Romania’s satisfaction with the excellency our bilateral ties had attained.

The orientation of the bilateral cooperation particularly in the economic field is a resource including for overcoming the downturn that both the EU and the international system, at large, have been facing.

In the respect, it was mentioned the beneficial effects of measures such as the facilitation of the renewal of the Romanian car fleet and the importance of the existence of many-sided ties between the German car industry and the Romanian carmakers,’ the above said release reads on.

Romania’s President also approached the topic of the project on the adjustment of the navigation regimes on the Danube-the Main- the Rhine route and referred to possible agreements at the EU level on the increase in the use value of the EU funds as a solution of economic re-launch.

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