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Candidates running for presidency don’t need to be members of political party proposing them

Candidates will be allowed to run in the upcoming presidential elections (first round – November 22, second round – December 6), without actually being members of the political party, electoral alliance or of the national minorities’ organization proposing them, according to the recent EO amending the Law 370 as of 2004, on the election of the country’s president.

According to the document, approved by the Government at the meeting on Wednesday, September 2, in the context in which several political parties, political alliances or national minorities’ organizations want to propose the same candidate, they will be allowed to associate, based on a protocol, and to make thus an electoral alliance.

Any political party, political alliance or national minorities’ organization will be allowed to associate, on the condition they become associates in no more than one single electoral partnership.

Any electoral alliance that participated in the previous elections too, can be preserved, unless it changed its initial configuration.

The candidates will submit to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) a declaration in which they accept the candidacy, to be written, signed and dated, an wealth declaration, a declaration of interests, a declaration on their own responsibility that they had no connections to the former Securitate during the communist regime, as well as the compulsory list with 200,000 signatures from supporters.

The electoral symbols of the candidates will be also submitted to the BEC, imprinted on paper and in electronic format both.

The electoral symbols of the candidates to the highest position in the state should be clearly different one from another, while using the same graphical symbols, regardless of the geometrical figure framing them, is not allowed.

The candidates who are proposed by a political party and political alliances will be allowed to use as symbol in the elections the symbol of the party or of the alliance.

The electoral symbols should not copy or combine national symbols of the Romanians state, of other states, of the European Union or of other international bodies or religious organizations.


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