‘Firebird’ – first community dance performance in Romania

One hundred young dancers from Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu will bring to life Igor Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird’, on the stage of the Bucharest National Theater, in the first community dance performance in Romania, on Saturday evening.

Performed at the George Enescu International Festival and Competition, an initiative of the Jungen Rumaenien eine Chance! Association and of the If Magic Company, the contemporary dance show will have its second performance in Sibiu, on Sept 9.

Access is free to both performances. The project with a budget worth 180,000 euros was implemented through the If Magic consultancy services.

The dancers with ages ranging between 12 and 22 years, without experience in the dance art, without special physical qualities, come from all the social environments, they are orphans, children of wealthy families, or young people with hearing and motion disabilities.

They have been practicing for a month, under the guidance of choreographers Royston Maldoom (UK) and Josef Eder (Germany), assisted by Marta Hincapie (Colombia), Irina Roncea and Oana Rotariu (Romania).

The chairwoman of the Jungen Rumaenien eine Chance! Association Monique Gruber, the wife of Germany’s ex-Ambassador to Romania told the news conference announcing the event, at the Bucharest Second District City Hall, on Thursday Sept. 3, that she planed to found the ‘Community dance’, a new artistic and social concept in Romania.

The well-known British choreographer Royston Maldoom, decorated by the Queen of Great Britain for special merits, expressed his admiration for the extraordinary energy the Romanian young dancers showed.

They have an enormous thirst for knowing, exploring, testing and learning new things said the German chorographer Josef Eder, famous for his rich experience in working with amateurs, and who has successfully cooperated with Maldoom, in many projects.

Choreographer Irina Roncea, who along with Oana Rotariu joined the team for ensuring the Project’s continuity in Romania, confessed she was the main beneficiary of the initiative, and she learned to be more tolerant, and she got stronger after she was working with the young dancers of the ‘Firebird’.

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