Geoana: Basescu’s political project has proved its limits

President Traian Basescu is a congenial man, with whom you can have a whisky or a beer, but who showed the limits of his political project by being the promoter, over the past five years, of an „endless political scandal”, head of the Social Democratic Party, (PSD, in the Govt coalition) Mircea Geoana said at the PSD Summer School on Friday.

„The main threat to prosperity, economic recovery and social progress is the endless scandal which the current president brought to Romania and to politics over the past five years,” Geoana stated.
Geoana pointed out that it was not enough for the PSD to win the elections.

It was equally important what he would do next. This is a turning point for Romania, the most important such moment since the 199 revolution, Geoana said.

„We live a time when the world competition is brutal, when nationalism becomes a fashion also in the EU states and unless we live up to this moment, Romania risks being marginalized by the developed countries.

This is the true risk of these elections and a true challenge. (…) Our role is to make Romania a 1st class country in Europe and not a 3rd class country.(…) I want an European-type of public administration and governmental action,” Geoana said.


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