Government presents on Saturday final form of laws on which it assumes responsibility

The ministers will present on Saturday, in a meeting of the Executive, from 11:00 am, local, the final form of the normative acts on which the Boc government decided to assume responsibility.

There are three law packages about education, the uniform salary in the budget system and the restructuring of the agencies answerable to it, the rationalizing of the public expenses, the support to the business environment and the observance of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and the European Commission, EC.

The premier asked the members of his Cabinet to draw up until the end of the week, the bills on which it will assume responsibility, mentioning in the text the remarks and modifications made in the government meeting on Wednesday.

The letter of intent on assuming responsibility was submitted to Parliament, on Thursday, and the bills are to be sent to the senators and deputies early next week.

The assuming of responsibility in front of Parliament is made on the basis of art. 114 of the Constitution and it supposes the passage of procedure stages set by the Rules of the joint sessions of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

After it decided to assume responsibility, the Gov’t makes it known to the standing bureaus of the two chambers, by a letter, the intention to assume responsibility.

The standing bureaus of the two chambers, after they receive the letter of the government, set the agenda and the programme of the joint sitting, in which the Executive assumes responsibility, as well as the deadline until when amendments can be submitted by the deputies and the senators.

These amendments, when this is due, are conveyed to the government, for being analyzed, for setting the ones that will be accepted and those that will be rejected.

The government submit to Parliament, the amendments that are accepted and those that are rejected and the prime minister says that his government assumes responsibility for the bill, motivating the use of this way of promotion, followed by a presentation of the content of the regulations proposed.

A censure motion can be tabled within three days. If no motion is tabled in this time, the bill is considered adopted.

In case a censure motion is tabled, it is presented in a common sitting, whose date is set by the joint Standing Bureaus.
The debating and voting of the motion takes place three days after it was presented.

If the motion was not admitted, the law is announced in the plenum of the two chambers and tabled at the general secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, in two days, for making it possible for the Constitutional Court to be made a complaint.

After these two days, if it was not attacked at the Constitutional Court, the law is sent to the president of Romania, for promulgation.

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