Ioan Talpes announces entry into presidential race

Ioan Talpes announced that he will run as independent to the presidency of Romania.
Talpes made this statement on Wednesday, in Craiova, south-west of Bucharest, on the occasion of the launch of the book „In umbra marelui Hidalgo”.

„I believe this is the time of truth! I am in a position to notice that we are in conditions almost similar to those in 1989, when the country was led by people who do not understand, and parties with minor interests, compared with what is happening in the world now! (…)

But I am convinced that it is not you who had to ask me to run for president, I have to propose you a programme which I will present running as an independent, because it is high time for the political parties to be asked (…).

But I will run, for sure!,” Talpes said on this occasion.

Ioan Talpes, a three-star general, was an independent senator, a vice-prime minister, head of the Presidential Administration, and last but not least, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, in the period when Ion Iliescu was the president of Romania.

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