Marketing managers, best paid in multinationals

The managers of the marketing departments have become the best paid managers in the multinationals during the year of crisis, earning by 5-10 percent more than their colleagues in the other departments, reads the Business Standard daily.

The best paid marketing managers are to be found in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) field, with their wages being approx. 40 percent higher compared with those in the financial, information technology or industry.

‘I have noticed a change in the pay level in the middle marketing management area, compared with the level in other departments.

Thus, if last year departments like corporate affairs and financial saw higher wages than the marketing one, this year the middle marketing management took the leading position, being closely followed by the information technology department, the humans resources and the financial department,’ country manager with Consulteam Oana Botolan Datki told Business Standard.

The explanation would be the role played by the department in such times of crisis. ‘The role played by the marketing managers in such times of crisis became essential.

Until now, they were used to have huge budgets at their disposal, which made their job very easy.

But from the moment when the budgets were cut, they were forced to invent new modalities of promotion, and they were forced to become creative,’ general manager with talent Stream Dan Berteanu said.

According to a study made public by Mercer for the year 2009, the wage growth in the case of the marketing managers was placed somewhere around 12 percent, in the context in which the growth reach 6 percent on the level of the entire market.

The study focused only on big companies and multinationals, in the FMCG and IT fields.

‘The marketing managers are currently earning between 2,500 euros in net wage per month, in small companies, and 5,000 euros, in the multinationals,’ managing partner with the headhunting company Stanton Chase Romania said.

According to other sources on the human resources market, a middle marketing managers is currently earning around 1,500-2,000 euros. Mihaela Damian said that the single field in which companies are looking for marketing managers right now is the FMCG.

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