PM Boc: Romanian state is burdensome and unjust with most of its citizens

The current ruling has as a major objective the achievement of what has not been done in the past twenty years, said, on Friday, head of the Liberal-Democratic Party, PD-L, PM Emil Boc, at the summer school of PD-L in Costinesti, south-east, Black Sea.

He mentioned that the objectives of the rule are the diminution of the effects of the economic crisis, „for the Romanians to suffer the least,” as well as „the reform which nobody had the courage to approach in the past twenty years.”

„This ruling has as a major objective the change of the things that have not been done in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, in the past twenty years, it was the state and not the citizen who was the main beneficiary of the evolution of the Romanian society,” said the prime minister.

In his opinion, the Romanian state is „burdensome” and „unjust” with most of its citizens.

„For very many of the citizens of this country, the Romanian state does represent very little, but for very few the state does very many things today.
So, we have an unjust system, an unequitable one.

That is why this course of the evolution of the state has to be stopped. For 20 years, the state is working more for it and less for its citizens.
It is high time from now on for the state to work more for its citizens and less for its own support,” said the prime minister.

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