Romanian banks, most profitable in EU

The banks operating on the Romanian market last year posted up the biggest revenues from interests and commissions corresponding to their total assets, and also the highest return to equity – ROE, in the entire European Union, according to data released by the ECB (European Central Bank), quoted by Ziarul financiar daily.

Thus, the local banks gained 4.5 billion euros from interests and commission last year, accounting for 5.8 percent in the total value of the bank’s assets. For instance, in Hungary and Poland, the figure stood at only 3.8 percent.

The ROE stood at 29.5 percent, calculated for the Romanian banking system, almost double compared with the average in the EU member states, Central and Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, analysts say the data provided by the ECB are not completely comparable.

‘We saw prosperity in Romania last year. The economy saw a peak, with the companies having reported extraordinary results.

Nevertheless, the data cannot be compared in totality, because of the different criteria taken into account. Also, the data do not offer a very clear image, for they need to be correlated to the risks,’ chief-economist with Raiffeisen bank Ionut Dumitru said.

We expected the profitability of the local banks to drop in a significant manner this year on the background of the increase in the expenditures with the risk provisions, less profitable loans and also because of the low activity on the crediting market.

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