Romanian tabloids losing audience, economic papers winning them over

Most Romanian newspapers sold less copies in the first half- year on the same period in 2008, despite the significant investment made in adding books and DVDs, competitions and promotional campaigns; the readers’ preferred tabloids also saw drops in sales alongside the sport dailies and the quality magazines, while the business dailies have managed to draw a larger audience, show figures made public by press circulation auditor BRAT.

The first half of this year saw a change in the leader of the most bought newspapers for the first time in the last years.
Thus, tabloid Click! with average sales per edition of 212,737, up 73 percent on Jan.-June 2008, has managed to beat last year’s leader Libertatea.

Libertatea saw its sales drop to an average 195,000 per edition, from average sales of 232,831 copies in the first half of last year.

Tabloid Cancan sold an average 90,843 copies per edition, marking a downward trend from the recent years.

Jurnalul National daily, which sells a classic novel with one of its daily editions, didn’t succeed in boosting sales significantly as a result of the initiative, but however managed to curb the decline compared to 2008.

Cotidianul daily sold an average 65,000 copies per edition, down 3 percent on the first half of 2008.

Neither did the DVDs and books distributed together with Romania libera daily managed to increase the sales of the daily, that dropped to an average 48,754 copies a number.

Adevarul daily boosted sales more than threefold to 95,657 copies by also offering film- and documentaries DVDs and books for children.

Evenimentul zilei and Gandul dailies have recorded constant slumps in H1 sales after giving up inserting DVDs and books in favour of the promotional campaigns for content.

Evenimentul zilei sales plunged 30 percent and Gandul 37.9 percent from last year.

Amid an increasing interest in the effects of the economic crisis, the economic newspapers fared better than the rest of the market.
Ziarul financiar daily sold an average 15,781 copies – at similar figures as last year -, while the Business Standard daily sold 10,975 copies, marking a 65 percent surge.

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