Romanians’ net average wage at 1,390 in July

The Romanians’ net nominal average wage gain was 1,390 lei in July, up 11 lei on the prior month or 0.8 percent, while the gross one totalled 1,901 lei, by 0.7 percent higher on June, show figures made public by the National Institute of Statistics on Friday. (1 euro=4.2 lei).

The highest net nominal average wages were earned in air transport at 3,400 lei and the lowest in wood processing at 807 lei.
The real salary gain index was 126.3 percent compared to October 1990, i.e. by 1.1 percent higher than in this June.

According to the Statistics Institute, most economic sectors recorded slight rises in the net average wage in this July from June, as a result of giving in kind rights or money assistance from the salary fund, holiday bonuses or the achievement of higher outputs.

When compared to July of 2008, the net nominal average wage gain was up 6.3 percent and the real wage gain index climbed 1.2 percent, the institute announced.

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