Rural education project, praised upon completion

The Rural Education project, implemented between 2003 and 2009 was praised on Friday by education minister Ecaterina Andronescu, who sees it as a success, proof thereof being the award granted by the World Bank.

Minister Andronescu attended on Friday, in Poiana Brasov (central Romania), a conference occasioned by the project’s completion, alongside head of the WB mission in Romania Blarel Benoit and representatives of the school inspectorates from all over Romania.

The project was aimed at improving the access of students in rural areas to quality education, likely to bring better school results.
„This project is the first step we have taken, and I’m saying this with sadness because we were not able to include all schools in it. (…)

Its effects are extremely beneficial that’s why it was awarded by the WB. This institution is developing many projects all over the world and the good practices in this project were exported by the WB to other countries as well.”

Andronescu admitted that this project will not solve all problems in the rural area and more projects would be needed. In this respect, the education ministry had several talks with the WB on the main problems facing the ministry and on developing new projects.

The amount earmarked for this project was 90 million dollars, of which 60 millions the WB contribution and 30 millions that of the Romanian Government.

Under this project, 62,029 teachers underwent professional training , that is almost 80% of all teachers in the rural area.

1,467 schools have been equipped with furniture, 428 benefited by new running water facilities, 339 have running water, heating systems, while another 8,000 have received basic teaching instruments, 2,300 sets of video projectors and 80,000 sports materials.

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