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Special polling stations at the disposal of electors found in other locality than their own in the election day

Electors who will be found in other locality than their residence in the day of the elections for president this autumn will be able to cast their vote in the special polling stations at their disposal, after they write a declaration on their own responsibility they cast no other vote earlier in the day, reads the recent EO amending the Law 370 as of 2004, over the election of the President.

According to a normative act approved by the Executive on Wednesday, September 2, the polling stations will be opened at 7 a.m. and closed at 9 p.m., with the electors to cast their vote in the polling stations where they are registered depending on their address, except from some special cases.

The members of the electoral offices with the polling stations and those assigned to maintain public order in the election day will cast their vote in the polling station where they work.

Electors who will be traveling abroad in the day of the polls, will also have to make a written statement on their own responsibility they didn’t cast another vote earlier in the day.

In the case of the electors nationwide, who are not able to go to the polling stations because of their health condition, the chairman of the respective polling station will answer to his/hers written request submitted at least one day before the polling, accompanied by copies of some medical documents or official documents from which to result the health conditions didn’t allowed them to move, by sending a team of at least 2 members to bring them one mobile polling box, the stamp and the ballot papers.

The voting procedure in the case of the imprisoned who did not lost their electoral rights was also establish through a decision of the Central Electoral Bureau.

The presence of any person in the polling cabins, besides the one who is casting his/hers vote, is forbidden.

The elector who, because of objective reasons, accepted by the chairman of the electoral office, is not able to vote by himself/herself, has the right to call into the cabin a person to help him/her.
The person should not be someone from the electoral office.


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