West Park Ploiesti to supply 4,000 jobs

West Park of Ploiesti (60 km north of Bucharest), whose owners the Belgian Alinso Group and Printex Group’s director Petrica Usurelu announced investments worth about 750 million euros, by 2015, will supply 4,000 jobs, the Business Standard daily writes on Friday.

The Park will cover 220 hectares at Aricestii Rahtivani, a land bought from 50 individuals, in 2008, the local mayor Alexandru Cristea says.
The plot was a cropland before.

Alinso Group is to supply 89 percent of the investment and the Park will supply between 16,000 and 17,000 jobs in the coming six-seven years. About 3,500 – 4,000 people will be hired in the project’s first stage expected to take about two or three years.

West Park is like a ‘balloon of pure fresh air’ for the village, Cristea believes. This year, West Park will bring one eighth of the revenues to the local budget.

Ploiesti West Park will be structured in two major areas, namely a Business Park for logistics activities, and the light production, including restaurants, hotels, offices and a research park, and a Retail area.

The Park runs along the future Bucharest-Brasov Motorway and it will be connected to the railway terminal, currently under construction, and due to be finished in 8 months, at the longest, Piritex Group’s official said.

Prahova-Ploiesti region has crude refineries, a well known university for oil and gas engineers and it generally benefits from very diverse economic activities.

Moreover, Ploiesti lies a short distance from Bucharest and the West Park has excellent access routes, Group official Ivan Lokere said.

Alinso Group chose to invest in Romania because it thinks it is a country with natural resources and it is well located to serve the Eastern European market. Alinso Group is part in Domo Group that earned a turnover worth 1 billion euros in 2008.

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