Localities in three counties, Bucharest affected by floods

Bucharest and nine localities in the counties of Ilfov (around Bucharest), Iasi and Neamt (north-east of Bucharest) were affected by the heavy rains in the past 24 hours, alongside with wind magnifying, thunders and hail.

According to a release by the Emergency Situations General Inspectorate (IGSU) on Sunday, in Bucharest some 38 streets and 75 basements were flooded, and five trees fell.

Floods were caused by the lack of sewage system or due to its clogging with leaves and

The most affected localities in Ilfov county were Popesti Leordeni and Glina.
In the Iasi county were affected some 15 dwellings, 20 household annexes, hundreds of vineyards, small bridges, kilometers of communal and county roads, ten wells were clogged, a sum of localities still lack electric power, because some high voltage lines were harmed, a national road was jammed with deposit following the leaking from the slopes.

In the Neamt county, hundreds of hectares of corn, vineyards, orchards are affected, some roofs are damaged, the electric power in a few communes is down, same with some telephone pillars.

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