MEP Monica Macovei (PD-L) accuses social democrats Ponta and Sova of corruption

MEP Monica Macovei (PD-L, Democrat Liberal Party) on Sunday accused minister for the relations with the Parliament, Victor Ponta and senator Dan Sova, both members of the Social Democratic Party (P SD), of corruption for the contracts concluded with the state by their law firms.

Present at the Summer School of PD-L held in Costinesti (south-east of Bucharest), Macovei said that according to media reports there is an incompatibility between the political positions and the contracts with the state on law services concluded by Ponta’s firms, elected deputy and Sova, senator.

‘Look at the lawyers from the Parliament for instance.
Two young members of the Social Democratic Party concluded several-hundred-euro contracts with the state for providing law consulting in the counties where they are MPs.

This is a typical case of corruption by political influence, not different from any other case of corruption,’ said Macovei.
The MEP stressed the incompatibility between the position of member of the parliament and that of lawyer.

Minister for the relations with Parliament, Victor Ponta, said that the accusations of corruption brought by MEP Monica Macovei were lies, pointing out he had never concluded any contracts with the Romanian state.

Victor Ponta told Agerpres on Sunday that when he became MP he suspended his law firms and that he has never concluded contracts with the state. Ponta said that if Macovei could prove her allegations he would give his resignation from all public function

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