Brasov to host European Air Chiefs’ Conference meeting EURAC 2009

Romania’s Air Chief of Staff (SMTF) is organising, September 7-10, in the central city of Brasov the EURAC 2009 formal meeting of the European Air Chiefs’ Conference.

The conference will discuss the role of the air forces in ongoing and future conflicts in response to new challenges, risks and threats; the role of capabilities for intelligence gathering and air surveillance; the future developments in the air forces and the process of integration with other army categories, as well as joint European initiatives and projects.

EURAC was established in 1993 because a number of European Air Chiefs felt it appropriate to discuss air power and power-related topics with the aim to increase cooperation and friendship among their air forces and thereby enhances effectiveness and efficiency of their services.

The aim of EURAC is to improve cooperation and awareness among European Air Forces and thereby increase efficiency and effectiveness. It aims to encourage solidarity through collaboration and friendship among the participating countries, while guaranteeing top-level cooperation in the field of aviation.

All the activities carried out are of common interest to the members, especially with regards to evolution in the concept of European defence and security.

The first EURAC meeting take place in 1993 at the initiative if 17 Air Chiefs. EURAC currently has 21 members.

EURAC meets twice a year, as a rule, in an informal and a formal meeting. This years’ informal meeting was held in June in France on the occasion of the Le Bourget Air Show.
The official meeting will be hosted by Romania as the chairman in office of EURAC.

EURAC consists of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK, all since 1993; Austria and Sweden since 1995; Finland and Switzerland since 1996; the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, since 2002, and Romania since 2006.

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