„Clujana” plans to enter footwear market abroad

Representatives of „Clujana” footwear factory, based in Cluj- Napoca (center-west), have signed on Monday a contract with French Soditex Co., through which it plans to enter the European Union profile market.

In order to enter the European market, Clujana and Soditex are to make a collection of some 200 footwear models.

„The partnership contract, in a few words: they do the marketing abroad, create the collections, the collection lines, come back to us, we manufacture together and they go on the market abroad and sell under „Clujana” brand, on commission”, announced „Clujana” SA manager Dan Ungureanu, on the occasion of the contract signing with the French partners.

He added that this way the factory „will export merchandise, as a first in its history, using „Clujana” brand”.

President of Cluj County Council (CJ) Alin Tise said in his turn that he plans to develop „Clujana” activity, including through the opening of some new sections in county localities.

„Clujana is a brand and we want to restore this traditional brand in Cluj, to keep it on the footwear sales market. These partnerships allow us that, alongside the lohn contracts, to be able to sell on the local and foreign markets using some other methods than the current one, which accounts for 90 percent of our output.

We also attempt by creating new models, in partnership with this company, to further keep the work places on one hand, and on the other to hire more staff (…)”, stressed Tise.

Cluj-based footwear factory was set up in 1911 and after 1989 it entered a downward trend. From more than 10,000 employees „Clujana” was forced to close the doors and enter conservation in 1999.

In 2003 it re-launched the activity, but the start was slight, with a marked intensification last year, after a stake of 90 percent was taken over by Cluj County Council.

Cluj company has at present 352 employees and once the activity is extended and it enters the EU market their number is set to rise.
In the first seven months of the year „Clujana” reported revenues of 3.9 million lei, up more than 1.5 million lei as against the similar period of last year.

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