Education bill: mandatory education to have 11 grades


Mandatory education shall have 11 grades and will include the prep-school grade, and forms from the 1st to the 10th , and the obligation to attend the day courses of the secondary school ceases when the student is older than 18, reads the draft law on education made public on the Government’s web page.

According to the draft act, state-run education is free, but fees may be asked for some studying activities and programmes, in terms the law stipulates.
The State supports the children, the prep-school pupils and the students with social problems and needs, and those with special education requirements.

The State also backs up the pupils and the students with outstandingly good marks, a good conduct, and who show motivation and remarkable results in their education and professional training, the draft law says on.

The education and the professional training in the state-run education system are taught in the Romanian language, or under the law’s stipulations, in the languages spoken by the national minorities or in the foreign languages of international circulation.

The framework plans of the primary, the secondary and the high school education include religion as a subject, part in the common educational trunk, but by the written request of a full-aged student, he/she may not attend the religion classes, the draft law on education reads as well.

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