GfK Romania: Business in excess of 16.5 mln lei, despite crisis

GfK Romania, the largest market research institute in Romania, recorded in the first half of 2009 a turnover in excess of 16.5 million lei, comparable to the one in the first half of 2008. As well, despite the crisis, the clients’ number was on the rise by 10 percent during the mentioned period compared to the second half of last year, GfK representatives told.

At the same time, demand for complex market analyses methodologies increased, such as the pricing or the household panels, which offer detailed information on consumers’ behavior.

From the financial standpoint, 2008 was the best year for GfK Romania since its launch on the Romanian market in 1992. With a turnover in excess of 33 million lei, the full year advance stood at almost 95 percent from 2007.

At the same time, the market share accounted for 19.3 percent, 6 percent higher than the one registered in 2007. Last year, GfK Romania reported a net profit of 2 million lei, the company informs.

„We further plan to keep on the leading position in the market research field and to continue to represent a quality reference point on this market, both through used methodologies and the value of GfK experts, currently the best on the market, who always recommend the most adequate methods and solutions, adapted to the consumers’ true needs”, said Andi Dumitruescu, director general of GfK Romania.

GfK Romania’s activities are structured in four segments: Custom Research – Ad Hoc Research, Consumer Panel – continuous research for consumer goods, Retail and Technology – continuous research for electronic goods and Media – qualitative and quantitative research for media consumption.

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