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Gov’t decides to assume responsibility before Parliament on Sept 15

Leaders of the governing coalition on Monday agreed the Prime Minister to be the one to assume responsibility (from the part of the Government) before the Parliament, for the law packages on the national education, unitary pay law in the public system and restructuring of some of the governmental agencies.

‘We have discussed the calendar for the assumption of responsibility by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of several law packages much brought into talks in the latest interval and we decided the day to be Tuesday, September 15.

But first of all, the Standing Bureaus of the two chambers of the Parliament will set deadlines for the submission of the possible amendments,’ the Vice-Leader of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) Gheorghe Flutur said in the end of the meeting of the leaders of the governing coalition.

According to Flutur, the deadline for the submission of the amendments will most probably be Friday (September 11), so that the Government to have enough time to discuss them before assuming responsibility.

The Government will assume responsibility for several law packages that were already submitted on Monday morning to the Parliament, Secretary General with the Deputies Chamber Gehorghe Barbu told.

It is about the national education draft, the unitary pay law in the public system and the restructuring of some of the national institutions, the rationalization of the public spending, the sustained support to be granted to the business environment and also it is about the observing of the framework agreements with the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund.

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