Individual bank deposits, up 28% at national level

In six counties of Romania, the value of bank deposits owned by people went up by over 50% between December 2008 and July 2009, while at national level no region has registered growing pace of under 28%, Financiarul daily reports on Monday.

The high interest rates and the risk of financial instability, following redundancies, turned 2009 in a year of saving so that, in seven months, the value of bank deposits opened by people in both domestic and hard currency went up almost 40%, up to 66.15 billion lei.

According to the national Bank of Romania (BNR), the lei deposits went up 45%, up to 39.93 billion lei while deposits in hard currency stood at 5.29 billion euros (the equivalent of 22.23 billion lei).

In the counties of Salaj, Bistrita-Nasaud, Mehedinti, Harghita, Arges and Satu Mare, people’s savings went up over 50% in just seven months.

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