Medical Doctors College says salary scale is unacceptable

National Council of the Medical Doctors College in Romania considers the salary scale proposed by unitary law draft as unacceptable, according to a release on Monday, following the aforementioned Council’s meeting of Sept. 4.

„The adoption of the salary scale under the current form represents an encouragement directly addressed to the medical doctors to leave the country and exert their profession in a place where it is respected and where the doctor negotiate his or her pay according to the respective performance”, says the release.

„The Medical Doctors College in Romania requests the Parliament either to exempt the doctors from this salary scale, or its modification in such a manner that will show respect for the quality of labor, responsibility and performance”, stated Prof. Dr. Vasile Astarastoae, president of the Medical Doctors College in Romania.

„This salary scale is seriously hurting medical doctors’ dignity, failing to take into account their professional training and responsibility, as well as the social value of the work in this field. For instance a secretary category 3, 2nd degree, from a local council of a locality with up to 3,000 inhabitants (coefficient 4.55) receives more money than a specialized medical doctor with maximum work experience (3.30).

If a primary medical doctor with 40 years work experience is hardly given a 5.25 coefficient, then we cannot talk about a true hierarchy, but a genuine despise for the medical corps”, Prof. Astarastoae also said.

We remind that every coefficient is multiplied with the minimum salary per economy, set to 705 lei through this draft.

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