Primary energy resources down 20 pct Jan. to July


The Romanian primary energy resources were down 20.5 percent in the seven months of this year, while the electricity sources dropped 12 percent on the same period a year ago, the National Institute of Statistics said in a press release on Monday.

The main primary energy resources totaled 19,237.5 thousand tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) Jan. to July, down 4,953.7 thousand toe.

The domestic production amounted to 13,277.1 thousand toe, marking a 7.7 percent drop on the same period a year ago; imports stood at 5,960.4 thousand toe, down 39.3 percent.

In the seven months of 2009, the electricity sources totaled 34,005.6 million KWh, a drop of 4,637.7 million KWh (minus 12 pct) from the similar period in 2008. The electricity sources dropped as a result of curbed production by 4,591.0 million KWh (minus 12 pct).

The heating plants output dwindled 3,898.7 million KWh (minus 18.9 pct). The hydro-electric plants produced by 1,281.4 million KWh less energy (minus 11.2 pct), while the nuclear power plants saw their electricity production up 589.1 million KWh (plus 9.7 pct).

The end-consumption of electricity in the seven months was 28,195.5 million KWh, by 9.4 percent lower than last year. Public lighting was up 7.7 percent and the population consumption rose 7.5 percent.
Romania exported by 1,114.4 million KWh less electricity or 34.3 percent.

According to the Statistics Institute, the electricity balance is drawn up based on the figures relating to the production and consumption in the economy, as well as based on the information supplied by national grid Transelectrica SA and by the electricity distributors for the electricity consumption for public lighting, for the population consumption and for the producers’ own consumption in the networks and in the stations.


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