Puscas: Romanian authorities should foster innovation and research

Minister of European Affairs Vasile Puscas said on Monday ‘the Romanian authorities should take upon themselves a more important role in order to foster innovation and research’, a release to Agerpres said.

‘The Romanian authorities should take upon themselves a more important role in order to foster innovation and research and the efforts should be channeled towards well-defined sectors, that bring added value to the local economy and to European competitiveness.

We need a broad process of qualitative restructuring, by which the acceleration of Romania’s modernization should be based on promoting innovation, creativity and research by linking them to the industrial, agricultural and social policies’, the release quotes Puscas as saying.

The minister made the remarks at a meeting with the Romanian authorities responsible for the innovation and research aimed at examining the impact of the recent release of the European Commission on the regulations regarding the innovation policies and the implications that the enforcement of the European legislation has on Romania.

The European Commission published on Sept. 2 a release aimed as a progress report with respect to the European innovation policy starting 2005, which says most member states have improved their performances regarding the programmes for boosting innovation.

The European affairs minister believes such an analysis is very useful, as it will be included on the agenda of the debates on the reform of Lisbon Strategy for economic growth and jobs, which will contribute to outlining the new post-2010 European reform agenda.

Puscas also announced the European Commission’s plans to promote ‘a law of the European Union on innovation’, that will target the possible regulation of innovation by legislation and notably by new rules relating to the automobiles polluting emissions, the REACH legislation, eco-design and other areas where innovation can bring a plus to the European economy.


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