Regulations on payment of extra hours in the draft law on single pay in state-run sector

Employees of state-run sector will be paid for their labour on Saturday and Sunday and legal holidays with a bonus of 100 percent of the basic salary and will not receive time off, according to the final version of the draft law on single salary of the state employees carried on the Government’s web site.

On the other hand, the extra hours deployed during the week by managers and staff with top positions will be given time off. If the extra time could not be compensated by time off, it would be, however paid with a 75-percent bonus enforced to the basic salary.

The extra hours can be paid only if the extra time was imposed by the direct chief, without exceeding 360 hours a year. According to the law for an over 180-hour extra time per year, representative trade unions’ or employees’ representatives’ approval is needed.

For the jobs where the working time has been reduced below 8 hours a day, exceeding the working time can be done only temporarily, the granting of adequate days off being compulsory.

On the other hand, employees paid by hour or by people holding more than one position in the same unit cannot be compensated by days off.
The staff working normally between 10 p.m. 6 a.m. will receive a 25-percent bonus from the basic salary if the employee works at least 3 hours a night in this interval.

Overall bonuses granted for the aggrgate budget for each employer cannot exceed on average 30% of the basic salaries, pays to the basic position.

According to the new regulations, new annual pay rises are established so that the share in the gross domestic product forecast for spending with personnel of the state-run sector be made progressively from 9.40% in 2009 to 8.70% in 2010, 7.97% in 2011, 7.30% in 2012, 6.70% in 2013, 6.30% in 2014 and 6% in 2015 and in the upcoming years.

In 2010, the rise in salary and pays will occur only for those below 705 lei/month. In the limit of budgetary funds earmarked by the state budget, the budget of state social insurance, local budgets and budgets of special funds, employers will earmark for state employees the sums necessary for salaries.

The draft law will be submitted on Monday to Parliament. The two Chambers of the Romanian Parliament are expected to establish a calendar on the Government’s assuming responsibility.

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