Social Democrats to draft legislation to take Romania out of recession

The Social Democrats (PSD) will draft, in the upcoming period, legislation meant to take the country out of the recession, spokesman for the ruling co-partner Bogdan Niculescu-Duvaz said at the end of the PSD National Standing Bureau meeting on Monday.

He explained that the text of the some four or five laws is in keeping with the 32 measures and lines of actions meant to take Romania out of the economic crisis that had been set with the Democrat Liberal ruling partners.

Duvaz added that the laws, to have economic and social effects, will be meant to turn the governmental anti-crisis measures ‘more concrete’
The laws aim to relaunch the economy and to stop the job shortage. Welfare housing will also be part of the legislation, the Social Democrat official announced.

‘This legal package should be adopted by Parliament by the end of this session, if we want it to have effects next year’, Duvaz stressed.

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