Standing Bureaus: President to address parliament on Sept. 15

Standing bureaus of the Senate and the Deputies’ Chamber decided to send President Traian Basescu the proposal to deliver his address before Parliament, on Sept. 15, taking into account that school begins on Monday Sept. 14, and the

Parliament’s chambers are to hold no plenary meeting, Senate inspector Ioan Chelaru announced on Monday. ‘He (Traian Basescu – editor’s note) proposed September 14 and the standing bureaus were to establish the hour.

Analyzing the fact that September 14 is an extremely important date for most Romanians, and mainly all the politicians are attending the event, carrying out several activities, the Standing Bureaus decided to ask the President to be present on September 15 and depending on his agenda, the hour to be established, when he wants to deliver his address to the joint chambers,’ Chelaru explained.

He added that the members of the Standing Bureaus of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies could not propose the head of the state a certain hour, because they did not know his agenda at that time.

‘The Presidential Administration will propose us the hour, both depending on the hour when President Basescu can come, and on the Parliament’s (very busy) agenda, on that day. But it is always time to listen to the President.’ Chelaru pointed out.

He added that no objections were made to President’s coming to the Parliament. ‘It is a Constitutional visit. There were disputes only over the law on the assumption of the Government’s responsibility, Social Democratic Party (PSD) senator stressed.

President Basescu sent a letter to the Senate president and to the Chamber speaker on Sept. 1, whereby he informed that he wanted to deliver an address to the Parliament, on Sept 14.

‘In compliance with Art. 88, Paragraph 65, letter a) of Romania’s Constitution and with Art. 1 of the Rules of the joint meetings of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, I inform you that I want the convey the Parliament’s joint Chambers an address about the main political issues of the nation,’ the letter reads, specifying that taking into account his agenda, the head of the State proposed to deliver his address, on Sept. 14, 2009, at the hour that the Senate’s President and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies are to settle.

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