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Unitary pay law governing public sector to be applied in stages


Salary level for positions provided by unitary pay frame-law for the employees paid from public funds is to be implemented in stages, through successive modifications, according to the law draft published on Monday on the Government’s web site.

As well, starting Jan. 1, 2010, all bonuses granted through laws or Govt. decisions and, depending on the case, the management ones, part of the basic salary, „will be introduced into the basic salary, military pay, respectively into the monthly pay granted in December 2009 both to the staff and to the management positions”.

In 2010 the public employees on contract on Dec. 31, 2009 will keep on their salaries: „the new basic salary, the military pay basic position or, depending on the case, the monthly pay will be those in December 2009 to which benefits are added, introduced in line with the annexes to the law”.

Benefits provided in the aforementioned annexes which will remain outside the basic salary, the military pay or, on case, the monthly pay are to be granted „in a quantum conducive to a value equal to the calculated amount in December 2009”.

The document released on the Government’s site on Monday specifies that the benefits of 75 percent for extra hours, as well as the monthly and annual ones are not to be granted in 2010.

As well, the frame-law draft says that, starting 2011, the public pay system will be simplified through the „reduction of the number of positions in the public sector, gradual passing to nominal salaries, improvement of hierarchies within the public sector domains and of the salary grades, gradations and salary steps”.


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