601,673 unemployed in Romania in late August 2009

The total number of jobless people at the end of August stood at 601,673, bringing the unemployment rate in Romania to 6.6 percent, Silviu Bian, head of the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) said Wednesday.

The ANOFM president said that the city with the highest unemployment rate was Vaslui, with 12.5%. The smallest unemployment rate has been recorded in the Ilfov county, 1.8%.

Bian took part in the presentation of the project ‘The analysis of the qualified labor force deficit in the construction sector.’
The unemployment rate in January stood at 4.9%.

The month of August 2009 was the 13th consecutive month when the unemployment rate went up. The ANOFM president said that the unemployment rate in Romania went up at a slower pace than in other EU member states.

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