Basescu: I assure Ford management of Romanian state’s backing for development of this investment

President Traian Basescu gave assurances on Tuesday, in Craiova, to Ford carmaker management that the Romanian state is going to provide its support in order to see this investment „developing”, to reach a „maximum performance level” and, at the same time, to represent another successful brand for the Romanian automotive industry.

„Maybe the most important thing, which deserves to be noted at the start of the Ford car production in Craiova, is the transfer of an experience and of a car history. You, those working in Ford Craiova, have become part of the glorious history of Ford.

I would like to thank all the workers in Craiova, you proved determination to be part in this investment. I know that for more than a year, with your hands and minds, you re-organized the production here”, said Basescu.

He voiced conviction that Ford investment in Craiova will be a true success and underlined that, from now on, the key of success is the management’s quality and solidarity of the 3,900 staff with the plant’s management, aimed at attaining the set objectives.

„In my opinion, an extraordinary thing is that, since the very beginning, you have become the investors’ loyal partners.
I am convinced that together, management and Romanian workers will form that team which will allow Ford Craiova to become an explosive presence on Romania’s market and on the European markets.

At the same time, I appreciate your determination, of the staff at Ford, to get ready for the new production and, equally, I congratulate and thank Ford Co. for the 12 million euros investment in professionally training the work force.

I am sure that both the management’s quality and workers’ solidarity will allow Ford Romania to become a most successful enterprise”, the head of state also said.

Likewise he was keen to retort to some „appreciations” at the address of Romanian workers made by politicians from a „friendly” country, now in electoral campaign.

„I know that in a western country, otherwise one of our friends, some politicians in full electoral campaign came up with remarks about the Romanian workers’ quality and I, as the head of state, want to react here to this unfair campaign.

If they want to fairly brand the Romanian workers they should look at the extraordinary success enjoyed by another car producer here, in Romania. Here, we can also talk about an extraordinary partnership between managers and workers.

I also urge you to implement the same extraordinary partnership another car producer in Romania is proving in the field of management”, continued Basescu.

On the same occasion, the head of state reminded the meeting with Ford President in 2005, in the USA, when they discussed the opportunity to bring in Romania a car plant, a plan which at that time looked pretty hard to be materialized, according to the President.

„And what it seemed just a polite discussion has become reality. For me, the 2005 meeting at Ford was an impressing one, and not solely for the discussion with Ford’s President, but for the Ford Museum I visited.

That museum is a history of the modern car. More than 100 years of technological experience, of progress are contained by this Ford Museum, including the US presidents’ cars, displayed in the museum as an emblem of Ford’s capacity to offer the best performing vehicles”, the President mentioned.

He concluded that what has happened after his visit to the USA and the meeting at Ford is a „successful story”, and equally the Government, Parliament, state institutions wished to create all conditions for this investment to succeed.
President Traian Basescu took part on Tuesday in the launch ceremony of the first Ford car made in Romania, in Craiova.

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