Economy minister: Competition among hydro sector, thermal and nuclear one, counterproductive

The competition in the Romanian market among sectors such as that of the production of hydro-energy, thermal and nuclear one affects performance, and the sector becomes vulnerable without investment.

„We cannot afford to be competitive in the market, if now there is competition among the hydro-production, the thermal and the nuclear one. Production is flexible in Europe.

Domestically, of the 21 scenarios of restructuring the energy production, we have chosen the variant of the setting up of two companies taking into account the costs, the market share and the structure.

We have set the premises for protecting the players in the market, so that the potential state monopoly be no brake in competition. The energy sector can be very vulnerable if no investment is made in it now.

The main pillar is the private sector,” said on Tuesday, the minister of Economy Adrian Videanu, at a conference on energy themes.
According to him, in point of yield, Romania is much lower than the EU states, in the energy sector.

He stressed that fresh investment in the field is necessary, if new companies are set up. The two companies in question are to be bankable for making the necessary investment.

In the past years, we have made only the investment apt to make the system work. Now we need investment in new projects, for in point of yield we are much below other EU countries,” added Videanu.

He mentioned that the restructuring of the system of production of energy will be carried out from a regional perspective.
„We want the energy to be made good use of in the connections we have with Serbia and Hungary.

An agreement for the coupling of the markets with Hungary and Austria has to be signed, it is to be extended with Greece and Bulgaria,” Videanu also mentioned.

He believes that the current global crisis will find its solution, but the world will experience two more, the energy one and the food one, Videanu said on Tuesday, at the Energy Focus conference.

„For Romania, it is important to make good use of its energy resources, in order to be a factor of stability in the EU, ” according to the Economy minister.

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