Education budget is supplemented by 2.5M lei

The Government supplemented the Education, Research and Innovation Ministry’s budget by 2.5 million lei, the amount being aimed at the education of one hundred young students of Romanian origin, from the Republic of Moldova, Government’s spokesperson Ioana Muntean said on Wednesday.

‘It has been decided (in the Government’s sitting on Wednesday – editor’s note) to supplement the Education Ministry’s budget by 2.5 million lei, from the budgetary reserve fund at the Government’s disposal, and to add more 1,000 seats, without scholarships, for the education of Romanian-origin youth from the Republic of Moldova,’ spokesperson Muntean stressed.

State Secretary for the Relation with the Romanians Everywhere Eugen Tomac has recently said that the Romanian state will continue supporting the ethnic Romanians living beyond Romania’s borders, willing to study in Romania, through granting them scholarships in the Romanian education institutions.

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