Emil Boc: From point of view of PD-L, presidential candidate is Basescu

PM Emil Boc said late on Monday, in a TV broadcast, that, from the point of view of the Liberal-Democratic Party, the candidate to the Presidency is Traian Basescu and he mentioned that the Standing Bureau did not discuss the hypothesis of an independent candidacy of the head of state, backed by the Democrat-Liberals.

„I have been to all the meetings of the National Standing Bureau of PD-L, because I lead them, and we have never talked in the forum about such a hypothesis. From the viewpoint of PD-L, our candidate is the president in office.

This is very clear. Of course, the decision to run from the PD- L, the decision to announce his candidacy remains a sovereign decision of the president. But this is our point of view, ” said PD-L leader Boc.

Asked about a modification of the law text regarding the election of the president, that allows an independent candidate to be backed by a party, the prime minister mentioned that the Executive did not change the previous provisions regarding the right to elect or to be elected.

„We have changed nothing in the text of the laws of the presidential election compared with what there currently is. In the ordinance we adopted last week, we adopted only issues technical in nature about the vote of Nov 22, Dec 6, respectively.

So, we have not made changes compared with what was before as regards the right to be elected or to elect the president. What was in force until now, is in force also from now on,” he added.

The leader of the PD-L group in the Chamber of Deputies Mircea Toader said, late on Monday, that the president-in-office, Traian Basescu, cannot be the member of a party, so he will run as an independent backed up by PD-L, according to the Constitution in force.

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