First Spartan aircraft to be delivered in October – November

The first Alenia C-27J Spartan aircraft destined to the Romanian Air Force, is to be received in Oct. – Nov., announced on Tuesday Minister of National Defence Mihai Stanisoara at the end of the hearings organized by the Parliament committees for defence, public order and national security.

Stanisoara stressed that the „foreign supplier has invoked a major force situation”. Concretly, said Stanisoara, Italian Alenia Aeronautics Co. is „contract covered” because the aircraft reception is stipulated during the aforementioned period.

Spartan type aircraft will operate alongside Lockheed Martin C-130H and four C-130Bs aircraft, set to be upgraded.
On the other hand the Defence Minister said that the budget rectification led to the postponement of several procurement programmes.

„There are several procurement programmes now delayed; this does not mean delivery deadlines, but the payment deadlines set for various delivery stages stipulated by the respective programme, either we talk about the armored vehicles, or the Romanian tank, or Jder”, said Stanisoara.

Speaking about Piranha armored vehicles, Minister Stanisoara explained that the „repair is not finished yet, but in ongoing finalization process”.

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