Geoana wants plan on combating recession to be re-discussed

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, a ruling coalition partner) Mircea Geoana announced at a news conference in Craiova (southern Romania) on Tuesday that he will raise the issue of part of the measures meant to combat the recession that were not accepted by the government to be discussed in Parliament.

‘I want the anti-crisis plan to be re-discussed, and I as well as the PSD will focus on the anti- crisis plan. Starting next week, we’ll launch in Parliament the anti-crisis measures proposed by the PSD that have not been included in the government’s plan so far’, Geoana said.

He pointed out that the events seen on the political scene in the last two weeks had obscured the anti-crisis plan.

Geoana insists ‘there is too much squabbling, when instead we should focus on the measures to fight the (economic) crisis. Everything that is going on on the political scene is manoeuvring.

The people expect seriousness, concrete measures and I want these challenges we are facing to be addressed in firmness, but we should not let ourselves be drawn into a negative campaign in which our political adversaries are specialists’.
‘I want the PSD to have a positive campaign. This is my answer: jobs and measures to combat the crisis. The rest is just talk’, Geoana said.

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