George Maior: SRI investigated arms transactions, no terrorism acts identified

Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) seriously examined the allegations referring to arms and ammunition transactions on Romania’s territory, and identified no terrorism acts connected to the deals of ammunition de laboration, brought from abroad, announced on Tuesday SRI Director George Maior, after participating in the hearings organized by the Parliamentary control committee in charge with this secret service.

„As for the situation linked to that special transport, I would like to stress that we are a national authority in terrorism prevention field, part of a larger intelligence community within the European Union and NATO, dealing with these very important aspects for the national security.

We have informed the committee that we had a more profound knowledge than what was reported in the press about those aspects related to an eventual connection, or what was labeled as a connection between this transport and terrorism zones, proving that there is no linkage between this transport and terrorism aspects.

This is what I wanted to underline because we are interested in the national security to the highest degree. The terrorism related part was documented by the service in depth, in collaboration with other services and it was solved in detail a lot of time ahead, and no linkage was discovered with this ammunition transport”, said Maior.

In his turn, the committee chairman, Democrat Liberal deputy Cezar Preda, said that the Parliamentary forum also concluded that the ammunition transport from Taiwan to be delaborated in Romania, was a legal one.

Preda stressed that information related to any links between the head of state’s brother, Mircea Basescu, and an illegal ammunition transport actually refers to an inexistent case.

„SRI has laid on the committee’s table absolutely all data and responded to the members’ questions, so that the conclusion was that the transport was a legal one, and all its stages were run in observance of the Romanian legislation (…).

Everything which meant these subjects, allegations including names and companies involved in the arms transport, the committee reached conclusion was that such a case does not exist.

It was taken over and amplified by the press, without being based on real and legal elements, which would involve a clear responsibility of one body or another, capacitated to watch over the national security”, stated Preda.

The deputy also said that SRI was partially responsible in this situation, collaborating with the Ministry of Administration and Interior.
„SRI ceased its direct responsibility at the moment when the Ministry of Interior took over this matter, in line with the legal provisions, the two bodies continuing their usual cooperation links”, explained PD-L deputy.

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