Ilie Sarbu, at meeting of Agriculture ministers in Budapest

Agriculture minister Ilie Sarbu leaves on Wednesday, for Budapest, where he attends, Sept 9-10, the meeting of the ministers of Agriculture of the Group of Vishegrad (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic), plus Bulgaria and Romania, informs a release of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Regional Development, MAPDR.

According to the agenda of the event, among the topics of interest to be approached, there are the situation on the milk market, the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, PAC, after the year 2013 and the drawing up of a strategy as regards the relationship producer-supplier, trader-consumer.

„Along with my colleges of the group of Vishegrad we are a stronger voice and we can support much easier the interests of the Romanian producers in the relationship with the EU, ” said the head of MAPDR.

At the meeting in Hungary’s capital city, the Romanian official will continue to speak about the gradual raise of the milk quota in 2015, the application and budgeting of the market measures – returns to the export, the intervention and private stocking of cheeses, the need to draw up a common strategy as regards the relationship between the producer and the supplier and trader-consumer, taking into account the concern of Romania for the consolidation of the competition framework at national and community level.

As regards the future of PAC after 2013, Romania backs up the keeping of its current structure, with its two pillars, and of the PAC budget, so that the discrepancies be attenuated and the Romanian producers be able to operate in the domestic market, under conditions similar with those in the old member states.

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