Minister Puscas, German counterpart discuss downturn

The head of Romania’s Department for European Affair (DAE), Minister-delegate Vasile Puscas met with his German counterpart Uwe Corsepius, on Tuesday, when they approached the topic of the effective enactment of the Lisbon Treaty as well as that of establishing the cooperation proceedings between Romania and Germany in line with the Treaty, at the governmental and the parliamentary levels included, DAE release informs.

‘The EU member states, Romania and Germany included, must find together the solutions and the positive stances for the post-crisis situation, using all the EU integration reasons,’ Puscas said.

He also tackled the topic of the EU budget reform, saying that Romania thinks that the European Union’s budget must ensure the balance between the effort required by overcoming the structural problems and speeding up the convergence process, a reason why the priorities of the development of the European economy and society must have in view the specific circumstances in each member country, through the harmonization of the existing differences.’

The talks were also aimed at the environmental measures through curbing the greenhouse gas emissions.
Minister Puscas assured the German Chancellor’s chief European policy advisor that Romania is interested in attracting the EU funds, not only statistically, but particularly through boosting the economy.

‘Romania believes it is a priority to develop the regional dimensions of its model of economic growth through investments in strengthening the administrative capability at the local level and streamlining the procedures of attracting the EU funds so that they meet the local community’s demands. In this respect, we encourage the German business people to make more use of the opportunity of such developments in Romania,’ Puscas concluded.

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