National energy sector, marred by unsuccessful privatizations and big losses

The National energy sector is marred by outdated technologies, big losses, failed privatizations, weak competition, stated on Tuesday Energy Regulatory Authority ANRE President Petru Lificiu.

„The energy system is obsolete, with big losses, failed privatizations, weak competition, abuse of non-transparent contracts. It is a sick system”, underlined Petru Lificiu.

ANRE President stressed that privatization did not start where it should have been. „There were privatization attempts not carried to the very end. Privatization should have started with production, to be followed by distribution”, said Lificiu.

In this context ANRE official noted that the current legislation, including the primary one, must be modified.
In his turn, Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu pointed out that the energy production yield is 20 percent lower than the European average.

„We continue to operate groups made in the 70’s. Elcen is the sole company with investments in performing technologies”, underscored Videanu.
Legislation might be amended, as well, and first of all the Law on energy.

State secretary with the Ministry of Economy Tudor Serban indicated the issue of carbon storage and of environment protection, which will suppose added costs to be covered by the introduction of some taxes for the population.

„The Law on energy might be amended. Carbon storage and environment protection involve some added costs and all the people must pay a percentage in order to cover these costs.

It is not an immediate question, but we have to think about it starting from tomorrow. The moment will come when we, the same as Britain, will face this issue”, said Tudor Serban.

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