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Press review (Sept 9)

The hearing in Parliament of the heads of secrete services and of the Defense Minister, Romania’s position in the classification of world competitiveness, the drastic slashing of job offers by companies and no more subsidies for agriculture as of 2010 are the main topics tackled by the Romanian dailies on Wednesday, September 9th.

The heads of secrete services and the Defense Minister were heard in Parliament on Tuesday, Adevarul daily reports. The nearing electoral campaign intensifies suspicions and multiplies scenarios launched by the main political players as regards the use of secret services as political weapon.

Heard in the Parliament’s expert commissions, the heads of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), of the Special Telecommunication Service (STS) and of The Protection and Guard Service (SPP) denies any involvement of these services in illegal recordings in the parliamentary commission that investigates the way in which public money had been spent by the Tourism Ministry, Jurnalul national reports.

President Basescu asked Romania’s general prosecutor Laura Codruta Kevesi to explain the stage of the Revolution files from 1989. When she tried to justify several inconvenience related to the incapacity to give a verdict in the case of the Romanian Revolution from December 1989, Basescu told her: ‘Do not mistake me for a journalist to whom you’re giving a press statement.

You’re talking to the head of state, who is telling you this: 1,600 people died in December 1989 and yet, you close the file. Do you have a solution or nor?’ Cotidianul quotes Basescu as saying.

‘PD-L gathered the first million euros for the independent Basescu,’ Gandul daily reports. Transport Minister Radu Berceanu has said he knows for sure that President Basescu will run as candidate of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), Gardianul reports.

The Government changed last week, through an Emergency Ordinance, the law on electing the Romanian President, by offering parties the possibility to support independent candidates, Ziua informs.

The mayors who make electoral promises and not keep them afterwards will be punished by law, Evenimentul Zilei reads. They could lose the state’s support.

The new government decision, taken last week, is meant to decide on the criteria underlining local budgets. According to the normative act, should the mayors persist in lying, there will be further sanctions.

Romania’s economy, better that the ones of Greece, Bulgaria and Latvia in a year of crisis,’ Gardianul headlines. Romania’s main advantage in the global fight with the other states over foreign investors is its large population, that is 20 millions of potential consumers.
Infrastructure is the greatest obstacle, Gandul daily writes.

The incumbent Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) has been proposed for another 5-year mandate, first deputy governor BNR Florin Georgescu will be supported by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) while PD-L is backing Cristian Popa and will propose a candidate to replace Eugen Dijmarescu.

Isarescu is thus to start a new 5-year mandate as of October 11, 2009, Curentul writes, given that there is no other competitor for this position. This would be Isarescu’s 4th mandate as Central Bank Governor.

At the end of this year, over 60% of companies will cease hiring anymore staff, but they won’t make redundancies either, while the number of companies who plan to lay off staff went up from 11% to 25%, reads a Manpower study, quoted by Gandul daily.

Romanian employers rank last in the world in terms of net prospects for job offers, calculated depending on the number of those who anticipate an increase in the number of employees and the number of those who forecast a drop for the last three months of 2009, with a minus of 11%.

Almost half of Romanians are optimistic about the labor market, Ziarul financiar reports.
‘Bad news for farmers. The state will no longer grant subsidies for agriculture as of 2010,’ Gardianul reports.

Agriculture Minister Ilie Sarbu told the Parliament commission on irrigation systems that starting January 1st, 2010, no more subsidies will be granted for the irrigation systems and that solutions had to be found, such as smaller excises on Diesel oil, Gardianul newspaper informs.

‘Investment in irrigation can be made under the National Plan for Rural Development, but neither the electricity, nor the water can be subsidized any longer,’ Sarbu explained.

The single pay scale results in big differences between public servants and parliamentarians, while bonuses have been limited to 30% of the gross salary, Adevarul reports.

Trade unions and magistrates hope to obtain from the parliamentarians they are in good relations with, such as former trade union leaders, the salaries they couldn’t get from the Government, Romania libera informs. MPs who agree to this lobby can submit amendments to the single salary law.

Romania’s U-21 national football team continues to rank 1st in the classification of Group I of the U-21 European Football Championships due in 2011 following victory over Moldova 3-0 (2-0) on Tuesday evening in Craiova.

On October 9th Romania will play an away match with Latvia, newspapers report on Wednesday.


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