Romania climbs four positions in Global Report of Competitiveness

Romania ranks 64th from 133 countries, up four positions compared with the previous situation, coming before other three countries members of the EU, Latvia, Greece and Bulgaria respectively, reads the Global Report of Competitiveness 2009-2010, presented in a press release made public by the Group of Applied Economy, GEA, a partner for Romania of the World Economic Forum, WEF.

Switzerland ranks first in the general classification of the Global Report on Competitiveness 2009-2010, coming before the country traditionally holding this position, the US. It now comes second, being followed by Singapore, Sweden and Denmark.

GEA, a non-governmental independent and non-political organization, founded in Romania, in 2004, considers that the improvement in the level of the points got by Romania is not significant, minus 4.11, compared with 4.1, on a scale from one, the lowest, to seven, the best.

What is important is that compared with the previous report, in which Romania ranked the last but one in the EU, this year three member states are considered less competitive, they are Latvia, Greece and Bulgaria.

This evolution is due, GEA said, to the fact that at the date the report was ready, and it was based on statistical data from 2008 and on an opinion poll made among the managers in the spring of 2009, Latvia, at least, was more strongly affected by the crisis than Romania.

The lowest number of points, of 2.67, was got by Romania, at the chapter of infrastructure, with Romania ranking 110th, compared with 105th last year, and ranking the last but one in the EU.

Also for the indicators „Healthcare and basic education”, and the Technological training”, Romania has the lowest number of points from the EU member countries.

Other poor positions are those of „Upper education and training” and „Sofistication of business,” to which from among the EU member countries, Romania has the lowest number of points, it is only Bulgaria that comes after it.

In exchange, Romania is placed better than countries such as Greece, Portugal or Italy, ranking 75th as regards the macroeconomic stability. One of the best number of points was received for the degree of sofistication of the financial market.
The best position is got at the chapter of countries such as Greece or Latvia.

The best position in the market, 41th, is got at the chapter of the Growth of the Market, but Romania looses points as regards the efficiency of the market of goods, 61th, and the efficiency of the labour market, 79th.


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