63 percent of bad loan payers already pay back loans

About 63 percent of BCR’s (Romanian Commercial bank) bad loan payers have managed to find the necessary sums for paying back loans, said on Friday at a pTV channel, BCR’s CEO Dominic Bruynseels.

‘Talking with customers I found out from them that they have money to pay back loans. 63% of the customers have managed to find the necessary sums.

When it comes to banks, in the first six months of 2009, the interest margins between deposits and loans are big. Interest rates have started to go down and we don’t know how they will impinge on trading. The margins, the difference between assets and liabilities, will lessen, as an outcome of the cut in interests.

The pressure will be on banks. When there’s pressure on the rise in revenues, we’ll have to manage better commissions and non¬performing loans, but also costs. We are unfolding an integration programme of for BCR into Esrte. We can find ways to become more efficient,’ said Dominic Bruynseels.

BCR’s CEO Dominic Bruynseels that in BCR’s case employees receive bonuses depending on performance and that the number of 8,700 employees will be maintained by the end of this year.

‘We’ve discussed with trade unions and will maintain 8,700 employees by year-end. We haven’t freeze employment. We have to keep at a high level the bank’s most important asset, people.

We’ll have in the future, too, opportunities on the market. There won’t be any layoffs and will renew the bank with good employees,’ said BCR’s official.

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