Basescu discusses with PM Emil Boc and Minister Nica about police requests

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday evening met at Cotroceni Palace with PM Emil Boc, Minister of Administration and the Interior, Dan Nica and Minister of Public Finance, Gheorghe Pogea, to discuss about the problems denounced by the National Union of the Police Officers and Contract-based Employed Personnel (SNPPC) of the Ministry of Administration and the Interior.

Basescu stressed that at the meeting he had on September 2 with the employers of SNPPC, he listened to the police officers’ requests and said that some of these problems were up to the Romanian Government.

He said that trade unions were complaining about the non-payment of extra hours, however he said the Government did not have the necessary funds.
The President approached the issue of the police officers who work in other localities and no longer receive money for rent.

According to President Basescu, the employees of SNPPC talked to him about arbitrary dismissals, but also about the fact that they should be entitled to confiscate for instance in the situations in which they find cases of tax evasion cars which carry smuggled goods.

‘It seems to me their request is reasonable and would help us in a period in which we are all complaining about tax evasion,’ said the head of the state.

PM Emil Boc answered that this measure has already been taken by the interministerial meeting of fight against fraud.

Basescu also suggested that police officers should be extended 5% of the value of confiscated products for stimulation and Minister Dan Nica said that these goods might be sold and the sums go to the state budget and police officers receive 15% percent when they detect cases of evasion.

On September 2, the head of the state received at Cotroceni Palace a delegation of the National Union of the Police Officers and Contract-based Employed Personnel, on which occasion the trade union leader Marin Gruia stressed that the most important problems are demotivation of the Police staff, the lack of funds earmarked for ensuring public order and also human resources.

The meeting was established after the president stopped on August 19 for a few minutes at Victoria Palace, the headquarters of the Romanian Government, to discuss with police officers who were protesting, inviting them for discussions at Cotroceni Palace.

National Union of the Police Officers and Contract-based Employed Personnel represents 5,000 policemen and is affiliated to Cartel Alfa national union bloc.

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