Dacia exceeds threshold of 3.5 mln produced vehicles

Dacia Co. exceeded on Wednesday a new production threshold – 3.5 million assembled vehicles since the start of fabrication in Mioveni Plant (south), the company informs.

The car which left the fabrication line with this anniversary number featuring on its body is a Dacia Sandero Stepway 1,6-liter engine, color red, destined to the German market.

In the 41 years since the fabrication in 1968 of the first vehicle under Dacia brand, seven families of models were assembled in Mioveni Plant. The one million vehicles threshold was attained in 1985, and the two million one in 1998.

After Dacia entered in Renault Group, following significant investments, Mioveni production capacity was steadily boosted so that vehicle number three million left the plant in October 2007.

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