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Diaconescu: China, Romania interested in boosting political-strategic dialogue, economic and commercial ties

The bilateral relation between Romania and China is very good and there are resources for it to be further developed both on a political and economic level – such was the conclusion of the talks that Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu held during an official visit to Beijing on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the bilateral relations.

Diaconescu met his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi on Wednesday, while on Tuesday he met several Chinese officials, among whom Liu Jieyi, deputy director of the International Department of the CPC and Zhao Jinjun, vice-president of the Foreign Policy Commission of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Romanian foreign ministry said.

‘Both countries are interested in deepening the structured dialogue on all the political levels, on strategic topics of mutual interest relating to the multilateral regional and bilateral cooperation and in developing their economic and commercial ties.

To this effect, together with the Chinese officials we have pinpointed four areas that could form the basis of a future development of the bilateral economic and commercial ties:

the development of the cooperation on the level of the SMEs, forging sectoral industrial partnerships; the close cooperation on the level of local administrations in order to identify projects of mutual interest; and the involvement in the projects and programmes promoted by the European Union’, the Romanian minister told reporters.

The two sides showed interest in making moves in order to bring down the bilateral trade deficit between Romania and the People’s Republic of China. China is interested in developing investment projects in Romania in such areas as infrastructure, construction and tourism.

The two sides, therefore, agreed to call a meeting of the inter-governmental Joint Commission and the Working Group on infrastructure in the upcoming period, the release said.

The Chinese officials stressed they encourage the Romanian exporters to enter the Chinese consumption market and added that their active involvement is desired and awaited from a political viewpoint.

The Chinese authorities showed interest in taking part in investment projects in the Black Sea area.

Both sides expressed readiness to mutually open subsidiaries of the main banks in Romania and China in the two countries’ capitals.
Bucharest and Beijing will keep on cooperating and giving mutual support in the United Nations bodies, the U.N. Security Council in particular.

The Romanian foreign minister and his Chinese counterpart swapped views on the issues of non-proliferation and the combat of asymmetrical risks; they addressed the developments in the Korean Peninsula, Iran, Afghanistan and the Black Sea.

The Chinese side stressed it is watching with attention Romania’s contribution to the debates on the development and strengthening of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and the EU.

The Chinese officials voiced support for Romania’s efforts for strengthening the cooperation with the Black Sea states and for outlining the main energy corridors, as they deem it is essential to make sure that the supply sources are multilateral and diverse.

The Chinese side hailed the Romanian consistent position of observing the principle of recognising a single China and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China, the release said.

The two sides voiced satisfaction that they had the opportunity to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in the period ahead on the mutual opening of cultural institutes in Bucharest and Beijing, the Romanian foreign ministry said.

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