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First H79 Dacia could go to president Basescu

First new model Dacia SUV, technically called H79, could go to president Basescu, or so resulted from a brief dialogue between the head of state and the general manager of the Renault company, Patrick Pelata.

President Traian Basescu received on Tuesday night at the Cotroceni presidential Palace a delegation of Dacia-Renault, headed by Patrick Pelata, who was accompanied by the president of the Dacia plant Board, Jacques Chauvet, the general manager of Dacia, Francois Fourmont, the Titu Engineering Centre’s director Philippe Prevel and the Dacia vice-president Constantin Stroe.

„We’ll continue to be partners of Dacia”, president Basescu said, at the beginning of the reunion, adding that he saw a future to-do list of the company.
Patrick Pelata said that the first H79 car will belong to president Basescu and asked whether the head of state wished it black. Traian Base scu replied he wanted a red car.

President Basescu was present on July 2 at the 10-year anniversary of the Dacia carmaker privatisation, then saying that it was probably the only non-controversial issue as regards the privatisations in Romania.

„A success firstly owed to the wit and equally to the hard work and dedication of the 18,000 workers of Dacia-Renault. Perhaps the significance of the Dacia plant evolution stays in another effort as well.

It was probably the only non-controversial issue in the privatisations in Romania and the only investment unceasingly supported by all governments and never put under question mark.

For us, for the Romanians it could be an example that when an idea is taken from a governance to another and an investment is constantly supported it could be an honour for Romania”, the head of state emphasized in the speech he delivered at the Elizabeta Palace reception.

On August 15 in a televised broadcast Traian Basescu said that in the following period Dacia Logan will have a better position in the European car sales given that currently is very well sold in Germany and France.

By the end of May 2009 over 1,450,000 „Logan” and „Sandero” cars were sold, of which over 950,000 under Dacia brand.
In Romania, where it has the largest dealers’ network, counting some 99 sale locations, Dacia is leading the market, each of its models being a best-seller in its segment.


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